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Building & Property

What's Up With...

Building & Property

Update on Pearson Outpost


  • We have built a new stage!

    • We need to build stage boxes or route wires to mitigate tripping hazards​

    • We need to cover the stage with carpet or similar to reduce echo 

    • We need to build additional features such as

      • storage under the stage​

      • stage extensions

      • steps

  • We have walls for classrooms!​​

    • We need to finish the walls with paint etc.​

    • We need to add flooring

    • We need to add electrical/lighting

    • We need to modify the ceilings

    • we need to furnish the rooms with appropriate equipment

      • Tables/chairs​

      • projectors/screens

      • changing table for nursery


God has blessed us by sending teams from churches, companies and other organizations. These wonderful men and women have donated time and materials to work with our congregation.  All of the current progress is due to these great blessings.

But we still have more to do! If you are interested in helping you can contact the church office ((724-654-7952  | or give here.

Update on Arlington Outpost


  • The building is down!

Our Hope For the Arlington/Williams Outposts


  • to use the property wisely. While we have purchased a building on another property, that doesn't mean we won't have a presence on Arlington! We may extend our current green space, or use the property in another way, but we plan to remain a part of the community.

  • We would like to use the ‘green space’ behind the parking lot (part of a property we purchased that faces Williams St) for various things including a picnic pavilion, campfire pit area, prayer area, and a place for kids to play.


Pearson Outpost


  • We have purchased a new building!

  • We are currently working to receive the proper permits to use this space as a church, and look forward to being able to invite the community to services in the near future.

  • This is a time of preparation and renewal for us. The building requires much work, and we need to learn how to shift from a nomadic existence to one where we are putting down roots in the community.

  • We need help!

    • There is much physical work to be done in and around the new property.​

    • There are government procedures that must be learned and observed.

    • There are many expenses for which we must account (give here!)

  • We welcome any help with labor, wisdom, finances or prayer​.

If you would like to help out or know more specifics please contact us by email at OR call 724-654-7952.

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