What's Up With...

Building & Property

Please check back every few weeks as we hope to have things changing and moving regularly.


  • If you are reading this you have noticed things are different at the Arlington Ave location of New Creation FMC.

  • We have been using the property for various activities but are not in the ‘building’.

  • Our goal is to follow the leading of the Lord to grow as a Fellowship and help our community.

  • We have moved our church offices to the Temple building downtown at 125 E North St Suite 206.

Please see other parts of the Website for information about where we meet for Sunday Morning
worship, LifeGroups, Fusion Youth Group, etc.



  • The building will be coming down soon! Demolition is scheduled to happen prior to July 1st!

Our Hope


  • to use the property wisely. Right now we are looking into the purchase of a building on another property, but that doesn't mean we won't have a presence on Arlington! We may extend our current green space, or use the property in another way, but we plan to remain a part of the community.

  • We would like to use the ‘green space’ behind the parking lot (part of a property we purchased that faces Williams St) for various things including a picnic pavilion, campfire pit area, prayer area, and a place for kids to play.

If you would like to help out or know more specifics please contact us by email at
info@newcreationfmc.com OR call 724-654-7952.

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Update for Worship Gathering Nov 7, 2020


Hello Family.  


I am going to share some information for you to be aware and make the best decision for you and your family.  Out of respect for NCCA and the people involved we expect that this is NOT to be shared on any Social media or discussed unnecessarily outside of our fellowship.


Please watch the video for a more detailed explanation.


There has been a staff member of NCCA (our host where we gather for Sunday Worship Gatherings) that has tested positive for Covid.  They have not been in the building since Tuesday Morning (Nov 3).  The staff person works in a different part of the building than we meet.  They were in the the are we meet for a very short time Tuesday.  The building has been clean and the area where we meet has been mopped, clean, and sanitized.  


When we set up we spray with sanitizer the tables and chairs.  By the time we gather it will have been 5 days since that staff person has been there. 


With the time that will have past and cleaning that goes on I am very confident that we will be at no greater risk gathering than any where else in our society as we step out our doors.  


ALSO You may have heard that NCCA is going to be doing remote learning for a week.  That is true… I will try to explain.  (Again listen to the video if need a better explanation.)  A second faculty member was exposed and tested positive over a week ago.  THEY have NOT been in the building SINCE they were exposed. BUT since there have been two faculty / staff that have tested positive the guidelines from the Commonwealth are that there must be a week of remote learning.  EVEN THOUGH this 2nd person has not been on site since exposed.  A guideline that didn’t take a situation like this into account.  


I have talked with the principal and he is good with us being there.  


So please use this information and decide if you will gather with us physically or be joining us on the livestream.  And again do not share any of this on Social Media.  This is for those that are part of the New Creation Fellowship.


Love you all.  Be praying for Holy Spirit empowered Love that drives out fear.  God is always greater!


In Grace Alone I Live, Pastor Chuck

What's Up With...


As residents of the commonwealth we trust that you have heard or read the recommendations form the Health secretary and that we expect you will make an informed decision for you and your family. 


What We are doing for our worship Gatherings

We are offering in person and online worship gathering experiences 


In Person Gatherings...

Our chairs and tables are set up in groupings and are stationed 7 to 10 feet apart

   - We encourage people to sit with family groups / people you engage with regularly

   - Each week the tables are chairs are sprayed with disinfectant and wipe down.

   - Hand Sanitizer is available multiple places

   - Paper masks are available upon request



- If you do not feel well or cannot be with us physically we encourage you to tune in to our Online LiveStream at NewCreationfmc.com